At birth

At birth

Creating the right conditions for a successful birth

Preparation is everything when it comes to calving. A simple set of guidelines is the ideal way to make sure your farm employees are aware of the best ways to manage cow movement, ensure good hygiene, and supervise calving.

These guidelines should also outline strategies for intervention to correct abnomal presentation, position or posture of the calf if necessary.

Two words to remember at birthing are: calmness, and cleanliness.


  • A comfortable and clean calving area is a must in order to prevent problems during and after calving
  • Follow standard operating procedures for supervision and intervention at calving
  • Early removal of the calf from its mother reduces the risk of disease transmission
  • Before a new cow, or group is moved to the calving area it should be cleaned, and dry
  • Regular supervision ensuring early detection of abnormal calvings


  • More than 10 days between 1st and last calving date in a multiple calving pen
  • Stressing the cow during calving may delay the delivery

You can find out much more about the birth in the Calf Management booklet.

Contact your local DeLaval sales representative to learn all about calf management.

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