Second month

Second month

Stress free and healthy weaning

The start of the second month sees the calf continuing to take both milk and solid feed. Try and focus on maintaining good growth rates by maintaining stable feeding routines and daily health checks.

Between the second and third months, your calves should transition completely between milk and solid feed. They will still be sensitive to stress and disease during this period so follow these guidelines to avoid reduction in their growth rates:


  • Monitor average daily weight gains
  • Feed for growth rates above 750g/1.65lb (500g/1.1lb) per day
  • Monitor concentrate consumption
  • Use a respiratory score card to identify and treat sick calves promptly
  • Design a hygiene program for group housed calves to limit disease transmission
  • Isolate sick animals
  • Wean gradually based on solid feed intake


  • Wet calves and wet bedding
  • Reducing milk before the calf reaches an intake of 200g/d of starter for three days in a row
  • Sudden changes in feed volume and type
  • Changing housing and group composition close to weaning

You can find out much more about the calf’s second month in the Calf Management booklet.

Contact your local DeLaval sales representative to learn all about calf management.

The importance of hygiene

Calf management booklet

DeLaval calf catalogue

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