Cow comfort in the resting area of the barn

If your cows have adequate space when resting, and a comfortable and hygienic spot to lie on, they will respond more positively to the barn environment and each other.

The cow comfort in the resting area depends basically on two components; softness of the resting surface and space restrictions for lie-down and rising.

The stalling must provide adequate room for your cows to lie down, stand up and rest, without obstruction, injury or fear.

Bedding material also plays an important role in the resting area. Cow mattresses are a hygienic and labour efficient (can be easily hosed down) solution that replicate the feeling of a pasture for a cow, while protecting her knees from injury.

Dairy cows prefer to lie down when ruminating. If animals are found to stand with the rear part outside the cubicle or lying outside the cubicles, it is a sign of uncomfortable stalls.

It is important that there is enough space for the cow’s head for lie-down and rising. A too short stall with a wall in the front is a most common cause of non-functional free stalls. An adult cow requires at least 0.5 m extra space in front of the head to allow rising (total stall length at least 2.70 m).

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