Effective filtration at all times

 Effective filtration at all times

It pays to replace in time

To ensure you maintain correct hygiene in your quality milk production replace DeLaval milk filters after every milking, or on a regular basis.

Milk must be protected to ensure it is delivered free of dirt and solid waste products. Bits of dust, straw, manure, hair and insects will inevitably enter the milking system during milking, travelling though the cluster and pipelines to the receiver. Regularly replaced, quality milk filters protect your milk from these particles.

DeLaval offers a wide range of milking filters to fit your specific installation and farm conditions. Our white 60 filters give safe and efficient filtration. These filters are available in various sizes to fit your specific milking system requirements. The white 70 filters offer excellent flow rate and are specifically suited to high volume milking.

Our blue 80 filters are designed to give maximum wet strength and filtration. The blue colour also provides an extra milk quality check against mastitis because clots or flecks in the milk are more easily seen against a blue background.

All DeLaval milk filters are food grade certified to ensure they are safe to use in contact with food. They also provide the ideal combination of sediment retention, flow rate and wet strength.

Core benefits

  • Ensures all foreign particles are filtered from raw mil
  • Strong filters that can handle great throughput, quickly
  • Tear resistant regardless of type and amount of farm sediment
  • Wet-laid manufacturing process delivers uniform porosity

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