Notification of outcome of internal investigation regarding incident on the Gala farm

Early Tuesday morning September 30, a number of cows were fatally injured in the feeding area of the Gala farm – an AMR pasture based commercial pilot farm. As a result, 26 cows have died.

We can now share the outcome of the investigation and can confirm what has caused the accident:

 On this specific commercial pilot farm, the gating system had a design deficiency whereby the gates were not electronically coordinated adequately allowing too many cows to enter the feeding area.

 A new software upgrade will be available for the Gala farm in November to minimise the risk of a similar incident happening again. We have agreed with the customer to carry out the upgrade in January 2015. The software upgrade will include improved alarm functionality and decrease the risk of cow congestion

 Since the accident, we have had 24 hour monitoring measures in place on Gala farm to prevent any reoccurrence.

 At DeLaval, the welfare of animals milked in our installation is paramount and together with the customer we are devastated by what has happened and feel confident that with the actions we are undertaking we are on the right track to avoid this happening again.

 For further information please contact Murray Antram, Managing Director, LSO Australia, +61 419909334,  +61 3 8336 7933, .

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